Portable Generator Buyers Guide – What to Look For!

Portable Generators The Ultimate Source Of Power

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Choosing the best portable generator would be a truly difficult task for anyone. Especially for them who don’t have a clear conception about the portable generator.

With so many models and manufacturers available in this competitive market, not an easy task to pick something. There are plenty of best portable generator reviews online, but few of them able to answer the questions that you have in your mind.

There are different types of home generator device as a backup power. This variety because of their source of energy and operation.

We guess that’s why you here to know about best portable generators review to empower yourself to get the best match one with your requirement. Portable generators designed as temporary AC power provider by burning supplied fuels.​

You can check best portable generator buying guide to get knowledge, how to choose the perfect portable generator.​

Portable Generator

Comparison Table of Best Portable Generator for 2018



Dimensions (Inches)

Weight (Pounds)


WEN 56180s

19.9 x 15.9 x 17.1


rally 7471

14 x 12 x 9


westinghouse wh7500e

18 x 11 x 18


WEN 56200i

7.5 x 3.6 x 3.5


Why Buy A Portable Generator?

​Where power failure is a normal picture of life, generators are usually required to fulfill the gap. Sometimes there is no access to power. Not only that, people who camp out a lot in the woods.

Here solution comes with portable generators. The best generators become necessary in this situation or during any disaster.

Suppose, you don’t use the generator for most of the time around a year. If there any horrible storm hits and you have to go through 1 month.

It will turn as your best investment buying this portable generator. Best small portable generators can help you most.​

Moreover, portable generators are usually easy to operate, low cost, easy installation. They are designed well for intermittent use. It’s the best option to power a few appliances with an extended life.​

At this point, the most significant thing you should calculate that how much power you’ll need. There are many manufacturers and some website too that they will provide you the calculator for calculating how much power you need.​

The most common range of portable generator is 5,000 Watt. It’s a perfect range for families, which can provide backup power for all of your necessary household appliances.

After getting the amount how much power you need, then you need to consider the factors below:​

Safety Features

You must pay attention to safety feature when you’re dealing with electricity. They are grounding methods, circuit breakers, spark arrestors, etc.​

Here ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection is the most significant safety feature. It’s a sensor that can measure the alternating electricity going back and forth from your generator.​

Here, if the returning electricity diminishes, this could mean the current has found any alternate way to the earth. Then the GFCI cuts the power and protects you from electrocution.​

Operating Noise

Another factor you should also consider deeply that the operating noise. Usually, gas generators are combustion engines that similar to your car.

It’s common that they will make noise. So, your neighbor will complain, or it will make difficulties while you are communicating with someone.​

Power Performance

Running wattage and starting wattage- common power rating for every power generator. Running wattage of a generator means the ability to handle the required power on a continuous basis.​

And the surge or starting wattage is the amount of power which can handle for short bursts; it’s usually about 10 seconds. The starting power depends on the amount needed to operate; it could be two to four times.​

Fuel efficiency

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to get fuel, especially during any natural disaster or any other circumstances. The best portable generator, usually burn fuel, less than half a gallon per hour and running time up to 14 hours with a fifty percent load.​

Control Panel Features

The control panel is the section where all the activity occurs. Four standard household plugs and minimum one twist locking 120/240 volt AC outlet is the common feature of a generator.

The best portable generators have the electric ignitions which require only a flip of a switch or a button to push to start it.​

However, make sure that the recoil ignition is available so that you will be able to start your generator if its battery is dead.​

Help & Support

You will see that the best generators, usually come with a 3-year warranty. You will be able to receive support, although most manufacturers don’t sell generators directly to the consumers.​

You also can check for maintenance tutorials, videos, FAQs pages and product manuals.​

Our Recommended Best Portable Generator Reviews

You can check best portable generator reviews here to save you time and afford to find out the best match portable generator.

Here 4 Best Portable Generator Reviews could help you because we picked them after marked them with quality and price consideration.​

WEN 56180s

WEN 56180 Portable generator is one of the compact and lightweight portable generators in the market today. You can take all the advantage of it wherever or whenever you need it.

To keep the generator super cool the engine provides 98cc of power with an internal air cooling system help of regulating temperature.

A generator is very important to keep in a house or job site to face any bad weather, and this generator will fulfill all your needs as expect.

It has only a pull start, not any electric (automatic) start. This super portable generator is usable for any kind of camping, job sites, and emergencies.

WEN 56180 Portable generator will cover all your microwave, sump pump, computer, refrigerator, blender and other additional need to charge in a shortage of power.

    • Compact and lightweight
    • EPA III and CARB Compliant
    • Weight only 50Ibs/ 22kilos
    • Surge Watt and running watt: 1800, 1500
    • Low oil shutdown
    • Simple instruction to follow
    • Includes a convenient cigarette lighter socket


  • Great support for emergency
  • Safe for use in all environment
  • Easy to start the following instruction
  • Users can easily charge mobiles and other modern gadgets
  • Fuel efficiency, getting the most out of the fuel
  • Well made, made to last longer


  • It may be found quite noisy
rally 7471

A very great smart, the handy power generator is Rally 7471 Portable 8 in 1 Hand Generator. There are also many other handy portable generator is available on the market, but this will be your best choice to pick.

This great generator has enough juice (140 watts continuous) to run any small appliance like cell phone, portable DVD player, coffee grinder, laptop, lights, etc.

Rally 7471 Portable 8 in 1 Hand Generator is a must have product for any car user. Every car should have a handy generator for jumping a bad battery.

It keeps a very strong charge and requires a very little cranking to get the needed result of any situation.

    • A bright LED light includes DC power outlet 140W inverter powers
    • For 110 VAC household accessories Includes USB power source
    • 260 PSI air compressor for high pressure tires 140W inverter to operate household products


  • Powerful crank generator, to create power in emergency situations
  • Emergency flashlight, if stuck in roadside
  • Jumper cables, just flipping a switch to jump another car
  • Very light weight
  • Great power inverter, easy to charge cameras, laptops, gears
  • Quickly and safely jump start


  • Using the jumper cables should be careful enough
westinghouse wh7500e

Finding the best portable generator in the market is trouble enough. Westinghouse is one of the popular brand of electronic products in the world. Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator is the greatest solid piece of equipment of Westinghouse manufacturer.

It’s one-touch electric start system will save your effort. Beside this, you can plug anything into the generator anytime. 

The full enclosure under the cover ensures no electrical connections or components being damaged in the rain water or storm.

This generator will cover all the needs of at home or outside the road trip or any large event. For all the wonderful features, this is the most heavily demanded generators currently available on the market.

With all the full advantage, Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator can run for a long time in the shortage of power to fill the need of a large family. With a 6.6-gallon fuel tank, it can run for 13 hours at 50% power.

    • Gas powered generator
    • Includes special Pulse-Flo muffler, to keep calm
    • Powerful 420cc XP OHV engine, 4-stroke
    • Running watt 7500 and starting watt 9000
    • Totally enclosing electrical connections
    • One 120/240 Volt and four 120 volt twist outlets
    • NonCARB compliant


  • It runs for a long time even in low fuel consumption, efficient fuel
  • Easy start and maintenance system, with the starter kit
  • Reliable to use in home or site up running
  • Can start with both electric or manual starter handle
  • Noise free, long lasting equipment’s
  • Withstands the harshest environments and weather
  • 3 years factory warranty


  • As it is made of good steel, it feels heavy to haul
  • It may not fit in all RVs or small homes
WEN 56200i

There are many good quality gas powered portable inverter generator is available in the market. But to match budget with quality, it’s quite difficult for any buyer. To less your worry, look for WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator. It will definitely suit your needs.

This generator provides the most reliable power source with its sine wave output with maximum 1.2% distortion at full load.

It ensures the safest power for your delicate electronic equipment such as a laptop, PC, tablets, and smartphones.

It is designed to save your fuel. The electronic speed control throttle will maximize your fuel economy and extends its run time.

WEN 56200i portable inverter generator is highly recommended for various activities like camping or simply out of town trips.

You can stay comfortable with enough electricity at the same time with the correct power of your sensitive gadgets. Moreover, this portable lightweight gas power generator may be best one for you.

    • It has 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV
    • A 12v DC receptacle
    • A 5v USB port Produces clean power safely operations
    • An engine with 2000 surge watts and 1600 rated watts
    • Well designed quite components EPAIII and CARB compliant


  • Lightweight, super portable to move
  • Can produce long running clean energy, productive
  • Adopts the ability to maximize fuel economy
  • To charge and use properly, safe for sensitive products
  • Can last up to 10 hours with half load, so reliable
  • Noise free inverter, cause no harsh sound while working


  • You may be found poorly designed oil container in it
  • Can have problem with the manual instruction


We know that Natural disasters can hit anywhere, anytime. If you are prepared to still now, you are going to get caught without power. As the foundation of emergency preparedness kits, a portable generator is a mandatory one.​

Not only will powerless situation, but also it gives you comforts as like home while camping in the forest or somewhere. We hope our reviews able to help you to choose the best portable generators for your requirement.​

Feedback or question? Feel free to let me know leaving a comment below!​